Enjoy Goodyear AZ FaceBook Group Description And Rules

The Enjoy Goodyear AZ Facebook group is for the residents of Goodyear, Arizona for the purpose of referrals, school info, city/town/neighborhood info, helpful hints, etc. It is the conversational extension of The Enjoy Goodyear news and resource site. Not a member? Join Enjoy Goodyear AZ.

General Expectations

  1. Be Excellent to One Another: Be respectful and courteous. (see also, the Golden Rule).
  2. Be Informative: The Enjoy Goodyear AZ group has a specific purpose: the exchange of helpful information. The group is not for posting your random thoughts, musings, or general negativity. Your own social media pages are perfect for those things.
  3. Add a Member: How to add a member.
  4. Helpful Hints: Loads of local recommendations can be found in the business directory and the local resources section of The Enjoy Goodyear site.
  5. Shaming and Trolling: No public shaming. Naming and shaming of businesses and individuals, as well as one-sided vents, are not welcome in the group. We may choose to make an exception for productive discussion of public officials. Please bring complaints to individuals, individual businesses, and bosses, not to Enjoy Goodyear AZ. Posts that serve the sole purpose to incite or inflame will not be tolerated. Trollers and those who make personal attacks, threats, or otherwise use hateful speech will be removed immediately and will be blocked from the group. Do not expect to be warned.
  6. Membership Courtesy: This is a privately-run group. Membership is a privilege. If you disparage the admins, moderators, or the group in general in Enjoy Goodyear AZ, on other local Facebook groups, IRL, etc., you risk removal from Enjoy Goodyear AZ.
  7. Posting screenshots from Enjoy Goodyear AZ: Enjoy Goodyear AZ is a private group. Do not post screenshots from Enjoy Goodyear AZ into other groups or on your own page. Members who are found to be doing this will be removed without warning.
  8. Blocking: If you block any admins or moderators, we will remove you from Enjoy Goodyear AZ. There is no way to warn you because you have us blocked. We need to be able to contact and/or tag members of the group. We cannot do this if we are blocked. Information about Facebook blocking.
  9. Complaints about local businesses, employees, etc.: If you have a bad experience at a business, please contact that business to resolve the issue rather than complaining about them in this group.
  10. Not a current resident or taxpayer in the City of Goodyear? We are happy to have former Goodyear-ians as well as people who work in town or reside in surrounding communities, in the group, but please keep in mind that current city issues are for people who currently live in town to discuss. What we often see is former residents and non-residents getting riled up about current issues that do not presently affect them, were not problems when they lived here, or cannot otherwise be fully recognized. This causes a lot of problems in the group. If non-residents repeatedly cause such problems, they will be removed.
  11. Over-posting and taking over posts: This group is for community discussion. We realize that our members might be passionate about a variety of topics. This means in a perfect social media universe, no single person’s name should dominate the discussion on the board, especially in the form of independent posts, but also in taking over other members’ posts. An example of over-posting is posting independent posts three or more times per day. An example of over-commenting is commenting on 25% or more of all new posts in Enjoy Goodyear AZ. An example of taking over another member’s post is turning it into a discussion solely about your own opinion. Please do not over-post or over-comment in Enjoy Goodyear AZ. Repeat offenders will be temporarily “muted” and risk being removed.
  12. Keep it Legal: See questionable activity in town? Please report it to the Goodyear Police: (623) 932-1220.
  13. Photos & Personal Information: Do not post photos of people or their personal information without permission.
  14. Bad Driving and other Violations: Do not post photos/actual numbers of license plates (unless wanted by the police/state institution). If you would like to report traffic or other violations, please contact the Goodyear Police at their non-emergency number (623) 932-1220, or send a message to their Facebook page.
  15. No Soliciting: Group members found to be targeting/soliciting other group members for their business will be removed.
  16. Real names required: Enjoy Goodyear AZ members who do not use at least their real first name on their Facebook profile will not be permitted in the group. Facebook profiles that use businesses, fake names, or other handles/monikers will not be permitted entry to the Enjoy Goodyear AZ group.

Promoting Businesses and Advertising

  1. Free advertising for your business is NOT permitted. Any post that benefits your business or organization constitutes free advertising.
  2. Advertising: We offer many reasonably-priced advertising options.
  3. If somebody asks for a recommendation, and your business applies, only previous customers may respond to the inquiry, within the appropriate thread. Businesses, their staff, and family/friends are not permitted to self-recommend. If you are tagged by a customer as a recommendation, you may reply as a sub-thread to the recommendation comment with your business or contact info.
  4. Shout-outs from customers or friends are not permitted in Enjoy Goodyear AZ as standalone posts.
  5. If you advertise your business, we will give you one warning. After that, you will be removed from the group. It’s your responsibility to follow the rules.
  6. Business job postings are paid advertisements only. Inquire here to advertise your business’s job.
  7. Monthly Advertising Thread: On the first of every month, we give all members the opportunity to post their business information in the POST YOUR BIZ thread for FREE. The thread is open from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. MST on the first of each month ONLY. Your ad must be within the thread, not as a separate post, which will be removed. Advertising on Enjoy Goodyear is also available for increased business exposure.
  8. Send an email to for more information.

Promoting Real Estate

  1. All for sale, vacation rental, and apartment rental real estate listings are paid-only advertisements. This applies to all rentals and sales, whether or not by the owner or via an agent. No real estate soliciting from agents or brokers permitted unless via paid advertisement.
  2. Click here for paid real estate advertisement info: Real estate listings appear on the Enjoy Goodyear website, are shared to our email list and are cross-posted on Enjoy Goodyear AZ.

Weather Emergencies

During weather emergencies, emergency action services are permitted to post their services *once* during the 72 hour period surrounding a storm.

Selling Your Stuff

  1. Items for sale or for free: Not permitted unless posted in response to a request. Please post them on one of the many Facebook yard sale or free items sites instead.
  2. Tickets: Not permitted unless posted in response to a request. Please post them on one of the many Facebook yard sale, ticket resale, or free items sites instead
  3. Yard Sales: Yard sale listings may be posted on Enjoy Goodyear once per event (one post per multi-family yard sale/full street yard sale/charity yard sale events). Multiple posts will be deleted and you risk removal from the group.

Rehoming Animals/Pets

Group members are not permitted to use Enjoy Goodyear to post about re-homing any animals/pets.

Posting Events & Advertisements For Events

  1. Non-profit and public events hosted through schools, museums, libraries, charities, etc. are not permitted to post their own events or stories in the Enjoy Goodyear AZ group. They must go through The Enjoy Goodyear website. Click here to view the non-profit event policy and info on how to submit an event.
  2. Impromptu fundraising events such as day-of Girl Scout cookie sales, day-of Boy Scout Holiday wreaths, etc. may be posted in the Enjoy Goodyear AZ Facebook Group group ONE TIME per event. Alternatively, you may submit your event to the Enjoy Goodyear website (send to and it will post on the website, to our e-newsletter and in Enjoy Goodyear AZ.
  3. If you or someone from your organization has also submitted your event to the Enjoy Goodyear website, please do not also post it in the Enjoy Goodyear AZ group.
  4. All other business posts of an advertising nature are not permitted unless advertising has been purchased or they are on the first of the month post your biz thread.
  5. Additional Goodyear events are located on The Enjoy Goodyear Events Calendar.

Political Posts and Introductions

Political introductions or advertising is not permitted on Enjoy Goodyear AZ.

  1. Each candidate may submit his or her information and introduction via email to Enjoy Goodyear, and it will be posted one time per election season by the administrator of Enjoy Goodyear AZ.
  2. Typically, political introductions are permitted up to two weeks prior to an election. Posting will take place on the Enjoy Goodyear website and Enjoy Goodyear AZ FaceBook group.
  3. Advertising for political candidates is also available.
  4. Backhanded political posts or endorsements are not permitted and will be deleted without warning. Example of backhanded posts: “I think Bob Smith is awesome. You should vote for him!” or “I really don’t like Jane Doe’s signs.” Backhanded posts OR criticisms of a candidate will be removed without warning. If you make more than once, you will be removed from Enjoy Goodyear AZ without warning.

Political Discussions

  1. Arguments: Please keep your general (liberal vs. conservative vs. libertarian, for instance) political arguments, discussions, and opinions to yourself or on your own personal page. They do not belong in Enjoy Goodyear AZ.
  2. Political Organizing and Related Requests: Posting of Goodyear resident-organized peaceful events such as marches and rallies is permitted up to one time per event. Responses to political event organization should be kept polite and neighborly. Posting of individual candidates’ (ex: Selectmen candidate) campaign events is not permitted.
  3. Goodyear-Specific Political Discussions: Discussions about city meeting articles, etc., are permitted as long as they remain respectful and courteous, and those initiating the discussions are not owners, investors, etc. of a related business.
  4. Posts that serve the sole purpose to incite or inflame will not be tolerated.

How to report a FaceBook post:

See a post that is breaking the rules or is otherwise unsavory? You can easily report it and admins will be alerted immediately by Facebook:

  1. Click the upper right arrow of the post.
  2. Click Report to Admin.

General Disclaimer

Use common sense when providing your personal information. Purchases made and business recommendations used are done so at your own risk. Before messaging me regarding a personal gripe or other situation, please try to work it out. We only remove posts in extreme circumstances (for example, trolling, heavy duty swearing, name-calling, threats, etc.). We are not qualified to mediate or give legal advice and you post to the group at your own risk. Note that we cannot always reply to all personal messages. Please email us at, where messages are more likely to reach us. Rules subject to change without notice.

Enjoy Goodyear!

Ryan Jerome Shepard
Founder, Enjoy Goodyear AZ
Owner, Enjoy Goodyear